Ulanzi VL110 RGB Handheld Light Wand (24CM)


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VL110 RGBULANZI VL110 RGB Handheld Light Wand

Vlog Now with ULANZI

ULANZI VL110RBG is a Professional RGB LED video light wand which offers colorful lighting. With 3 working modes (RGB&CCT&Scene Mode) built in, it supports 0-360 RGB, Bi-color temperature dimmable from 2500K-9000K and brightness adjustment from 0%-100%, and 20 scene modes to simulate special effects. It adopts clear LCD display. LED color rendering index≥95,true color reproduction.

As a multifunctional mini photography light stick, it is ideal for selfie, vlog, wedding, portrait, youtube video.

  • 110 High Color Rendering LED Beads
  • 360° RGB Mode
  • 2500K-9000K CCT Mode
  • 20 Scene Modes
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Built-in 2600mAh Battery
  • Magnet Adsorption

Ulanzi VL110 RGB Handheld Light Wand (24CM)Splicable and lockable design

Each light is connected by a lock, no matter how shaken them will not be disconnected. You can change a short light stick to a long light stick as you needs, and don't need to worry about the long light stick too long to carry about.

The VL110RGB only weigh 235g and 24cm * 3.9cm in size. Very portable to carry arround. Apply to portrait, livestreaming, ambient lighting and new photography, travel etc.

VL110RGB360 RGB & CCT & Scene Mode

VL110 RGB Light boasts hue adjustable from 0° - 360°, brightness from 0%-100% dimmable, color temperature from 2500K(warm) to 9000K(cold) dimmable. And 20 light effects accomodate to different scenes.VL110 RGB Handheld Light WandVL110 RGB

Change a Short Light Stick to a Long Light Stick

Each handheld light wand is connectable, the connection can be locked, no matter how shaken them will not be disconnected. You can splicing the length you want according to your needs.

Large Battery Capacity

  • Built in 2600mAh battery. Fully charge within 2.5 hours and work time lasts 1.5h at least in strongest brightness, 30h at most in weakest brightness.

Clear LCD Display

  • This light stick equips with LCD display for accurate readings, aiming to reach visualization of parameter adjustment.

Portable to Carry Arround

  • With a mini pocket-sized body designed, the i-Light handheld light wand is small, lightweight and portable.

3-sided Magnetic Attraction

  • 3-sided magnetic attraction. Attraction more firmly. Adsorb on all metals surface, set up the scene easily.

ULANZI VL110 RGB Handheld Light Wand

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